Dvergasteinen - Skorveknuten - Verslandsvatnet - Kløgetvedt - Ernst Varden - Sådedalen

Welcome to Versland

At Versland you will find many nice hiking trails and roads! These can be found in areas where there are cultural landscapes and cultural pastures - which both we and the animals work hard to maintain. Here you will find mountains, forests and open terrain offering beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises and a breathtaking scenery. Further down the page we have some suggestions for where the journey can go, but first comes some practical info!

  • Follow the marked path
  • Do not trudg down fences, use the fence cut fences!
  • Close the gates after passing
  • Bring your garbage, it also applies to dog bags
  • The bonfire ban is valid from 15 April to 15 September
  • Parking is located at the information sign of the Dalane Friluftsråd
  • Park with respect to: traffic, farming and other cars!
  • OBS! 
    In Bjerkreim there is extended leashing for dogs valid from 1 April to.m 31 October
  • We want hikers to contact the landowner before they travel with dogs in the grazing area. This can easily be done by a phonecall to Ernst Herredsvela / mobile: 45034830. This is because grazing animals can feel threatened and attack, and we want both two and four-legged to be able to travel safely.
  • Think twice before you bring a dog into areas where there is beitedyr (grazing animals).
  • Working dogs can walk freely in the courtyard as part of their operation. Please note that you may meet these.
  • The hiking trails are marked for hiking, not horse or bicycle.
  • Many tourists walk through the grazing area, remember that in the grazing area grazing animals have the first right.
  • Pay attention, do not scare the animals.
  • Notify the landowner if you see injured or dead animals. Feel free to note the ear number of the animal.
  • All traffic in the area is at your own risk.
  • Do you want to camp? Follow this link!
Informasjonsskilt, Dalane Friluftsråd
Informasjonsskilt, Dalane Friluftsråd

Dvergasteinen and Skorveknuten

This is a family friendly and easy trip for those with young children. Feel free to tell the children about the stone in advance - and make the trip an adventure!

The dwarf stone is Bjerkreim's strangest stone. If you throw yourself on all fours and crawl under the stone, you can see several small pots in the stone. Here you will also find a small bed named Senjæ, in this one a grown man can fit if he curls up with his knees in the ceiling! Dvergasteinenis located by Skorveknuten (approx. 143 masl.) which is a great viewpoint. Here you have nice views down the river, beyond Apeland and Hustoft and towards the beautiful Ramnafjellet mountain. The total length of the trip is 2.5km round trip, and you have to expect about 1 - 1.5 hours if you bring small children with you.

Verslandsvatnet - Roundtrip

The round around Verslandsvatnet lake is definitely recommended! Follow a tractor road up to the water before following the trail around. The trail is not yet fully marked, but it should be possible to find your way around.


For the slightly more experienced hiker, it is a nice hike to walk from Versland Farm to Kløgetvedt Tunet. Then you start at Versland Gård and follow the tractor road to the end (marked path), from Urdafjellet to Kløgetvedt/Kløgtveit there is an unmarked path. We'll come up with an updated map in due course.

Better quality maps can be found at the parking lot at Versland.

Kartet finnes ved parkeringsplassen.
Kartet finnes ved parkeringsplassen.

Ernst Varden

Ernst Varden is a cairn the farmer himself has rebuilt at a vantage point. The road to this one is now marked! Like several places in the area, the cairn offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets. 


In Sådedalen there are several tractor roads, animal sleds and trails that lead you around the area. On the mountain tops there are beautiful views and notable sunrises and sunsets. You can take the whole family with you to explore the area. At the bottom of Sådedalen you will find Verslandsvatnet lake. Here you can both fish and stay overnight! At the water's edge you will also find a canoe that is possible to rent.

More information about rent? Follow this link!